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February 11, 2011
Techeeze launches Superstore
The team at Techeeze is pleased to announce that we have unveiled our Laptop Parts Superstore - a one-stop shop for ALL of your Laptop and PC computer parts based in Ottawa, ON. Canada.
With the launch of the Laptop Parts Superstore, finding the correct replacement part for your Laptop just got easier!

After weeks of work, preperation, testing and inventory building, the team at Techeeze has unveiled the newest addition to their business via the launch of the Laptop Parts Superstore, an on-line e-store engineered to make finding the correct replacement Laptop part easier.

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"Finding the correct part for your Laptop is not always as easy as it sounds" states Derek Boutilier (a Laptop Parts specialist with Techeeze) - small changes often occur in Laptop models within the same product line, making finding the right part more difficult; but with the Laptop Parts Superstore we've made finding what our clients need easier.

The Laptop Parts Superstore helps deliver a large segment of our inventory to a wider, internet based audience, while customers seeking a Laptop Part (regardless of their location) now have a means of finding just what they need and make on-line purchases from a team they trust.

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October 14, 2010
MacBook Charging Issues
Apple has released a pair of firmware updates that fix some charging issues for previous generations of the MacBook and MacBook Pro.
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